Healing Divorce

Divorced with Love Our journey through heartbreak and separation into forgiveness and friendship by Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres  

Divorced with Love is both a memoir and a self-help book about how to navigate divorce in a conscious way that promotes healing and growth.

One doesn't often see the words divorce and love in the same sentence. Yet, for Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres, divorcing with love became a reality. Divorced with Love is a co-written memoir of the authors' painful break-up and bitter -divorce, and the powerful journey of healing that followed—one which led this ex-couple to continue working as business partners, become dear friends, and eventually move across the country together to cohabitate and share the parenting of their special needs son. This memoir is a compelling account of that tumultuous, traumatic, and transformational journey—and the insights, wisdom, and life lessons acquired along the way.

Embedded within our personal story is a collective experience, with universal life lessons that can lead to healing, forgiveness, compassion, greater self-awareness, and to all of us becoming bigger, better, brighter human beings.

- Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres

A fresh and one-of-a-kind perspective

Divorced with Love brings a fresh and one-of-a-kind perspective to readers, from an ex-couple who started out down the typical painful and bitter road of divorce, but took a U-turn in search of a better way. Each chapter in Divorced with Love employs both the “his” and “hers” perspectives of the two authors. In this unique format, their respective accounts nakedly reveal both the male and female sides of the story, as well as the vastly different experiences of the one “who leaves” and the one “who is left behind.” The intimate exposure of their own inner struggles and vulnerabilities helps readers know they are not alone in the emotional upheaval that accompanies divorce. The authors consciously chose to expose their personal story as “a teaching from the trenches” in which their own war took place. This memoir offers the reader a detailed map with which to navigate the hellish battlefield of divorce, and move on to the solid ground of healing, forgiveness, and friendship.


Stephen Dinan

"Michael and Neelama offer a vulnerable, poignant, wise, and ultimately redemptive story that takes us beyond romantic infatuation into the deepest kind of love - a spiritual partnership in which both are committed to serving God and humanity (plus a special child). Given our high rates of divorce, this book should be mandatory reading so that the inevitable tumult of separation can serve our ultimate freedom.''  

Stephen Dinan CEO The Shift Network, Author Sacred America, Sacred World

MeiMei Fox

"I am so grateful to Michael and Neelama for sharing the truth of their spiritual struggles and the immensity of their love with the world. These two incredible human beings have navigated some of the greatest challenges in life - getting divorced and raising a special needs child - with courage, grace, wisdom and heart. We all can benefit from taking the journey down into the depths of darkness and back into the light with them, receiving many powerful lessons for our own lives —above all, self-acceptance, compassion and forgiveness.”  

MeiMei Fox New York Times bestselling author

"This book is amazing! As someone who knew the authors during their journey, I can personally vouch for their authenticity and sincerity. They navigated this messy and painful human terrain with so much dedication to what matters most, maintained a beautiful co-parenting relationship and stayed good friends through the process. I highly recommend this book to any separated or divorced couple at any stage of their separation. It will support you, inspire you, and guide you to come through this very difficult rite of passage with grace, learning how to let your heart break open to all that is possible when we allow our wounds to become a gift.”  

Britta Eskey Co-founder/director of CorExperience, Transformational Life Coach

Howard Ross

"Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres have drawn from their own personal journey to write an extraordinary story of love and hope for couples that have decided they can no longer remain together. From the deep authenticity of their personal sharing, to the practical suggestions about how others can follow their lead, Michael and Neelama’s story will inspire any reader to realize that there can be love after divorce, and that the bonds of friendship can carry over into a new, healthy relationship, for both the couple and their children and family. This is a must read for any couple going through separation! Bravo!”  

Howard Ross Author of Everyday Bias & ReInventing Diversity

About the Authors

Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres are founders of The Inner Journey Institute. They have worked in the field of adult education and personal transformation since 1984 and 1995, respectively. Since 1999, Inner Journey Institute has delivered live workshops throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. The curriculum includes over a hundred programs that offer strategies and solutions in the areas of relationship, separation and divorce, gender differences, family dynamics, conflict management, training and development, and spirituality. They have been called, “technicians of the heart,” and their work has assisted thousands of people in personal, professional and spiritual transformation.

They have created an in-person Healing Divorce Intensive as well as an online course called The Healing Heart Protocol to help people who are navigating through a breakup or divorce. These programs provide the tools and techniques necessary to consciously complete the past, so that people can move forward into a new and brighter future - one that includes opening the heart to live and love again.