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The Healing Heart Protocol Online Course

Best-Selling Authors Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres reveal their Healing Heart Protocol: A 5-step cure for transforming the pain of a breakup or divorce into a profound opportunity for a new life.

Are you stuck in the pain, anxiety, guilt, or grief of a divorce or breakup? We’ve been there! 

The Healing Heart Protocol can help you release your pain & reclaim your life.  

Feeling stuck in the pain of a breakup or divorce? You're not alone. Over a decade ago, we went through a divorce that rocked our worlds—both inside and out! Our divorce started with the typical feelings of bitterness, resentment, guilt, and hurt. After going down that painful road we eventually decided that – for the sake of our son and our own physical, emotional, and mental well-being – there had to be a better way forward.  

A massive U-turn occurred when we applied five ancient principles used for healing to our own divorce. It is these 5 principles that form the base of our Healing Heart Protocol.  

Whenever you are going through an intense loss like this, it’s important to get guidance from people who’ve gone through it themselves. We know first-hand what it’s like to experience the emotional turmoil that takes place when a relationship ends. Our entire Healing Heart Protocol is based on tried and true methods we used during our own divorce combined with decades of our work with people in personal growth intensives and individual coaching sessions.  

Our protocol is a 5-step cure designed to help you release your pain and reclaim your life.  

THE 5-STEP CURE: • Step 1: FREE your Heart: Release the emotional baggage & turmoil that occurs at the end of a relationship. • Step 2: RECLAIM your Clarity: Learn how your breakup is a doorway into profound healing & transformation. • Step 3: OPEN to Love: Unleash the power of the heart to make yourself available to love again. • Step 4: COMPLETE the Past: Bring conscious closure to the past so that you’re truly ready to move forward. • Step 5: CREATE Your New Life: Learn the power of intention so you can consciously create your future.  

An online audio course designed to heal your hurts, renew your spirit, and open your heart to life and love again.

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Five Recorded Module Sessions with Divorce EX-perts Michael Schiesser & Neelama Eyres 

Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres are Co-Founders of The Inner Journey Institute and have worked in the field of adult education and personal transformation since 1984 and 1995, respectively. Since 1999, The Inner Journey Institute has delivered personal growth seminars throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

The curriculum includes over 100 workshops that offer strategies and solutions in the areas of relationship, separation and divorce, gender differences, family dynamics, compassionate communication, and spirituality. Their work has assisted thousands of people transform their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

In 2006, Michael and Neelama went through their own divorce and co-authored a memoir entitled Divorced With Love to assist people who want to separate with greater integrity, compassion, and consciousness. After their own divorce, they developed The Healing Heart Protocol: A 5 Step Cure to help people that are going through a breakup or separation release their pain and reclaim their life. This protocol is the cornerstone of their online course, as well as the process used in their live Divorce With Love Intensive.  

What You’ll Discover in the 5 Modules

Healing Heart Protocol Online Course

Using the ancient principles of the 5 elements

For healing to work, it has to be holistic. These 5 elements are a thorough map designed to guide you through a complete healing journey, where no part of the process is neglected. All phases are gone through and thus healing can be complete.

WHY the 5 elements? These are over-riding principles that can be found in all of nature, and in Life itself. As humans we are made of these 5 elements, and all life processes can be understand within the context of these 5 principles. Everything that exists goes through a cycle of these 5 principles. Things get born, grow, flower, reach a peak and a harvest, decay and then die. A relationship or a marriage—just like any other process in life or nature, will also go through this same cycle. In order for healing to take place, it’s essential that these 5 cycles are understood and worked with. The unique aspect of our Healing Divorce program is that it is sourced by this profound understanding of life.

1 - FIRE PHASE: FREE YOUR HEART (2 hours, 19min)

A separation process brings out intense emotions in most people. Unfortunately most of us haven’t been taught to release these emotions in a way that promotes healing. When emotions are not released constructively, they get stored in our bodies and lead to unhealthy behaviors like obsessive mental thinking, losing our temper, and feelings of depression and apathy. Pent up emotions are harmful to our health and to our ability to open our heart to love again. In this module you’ll be guided through a unique process that is designed to help free you from the most common emotions present in any breakup. This module creates a supportive environment to safely move past these emotions so that your heart can be healed. 

RESULT: • Greater aliveness • Heart is released and healed • Increased access to clarity and joy • Renewed Inner Peace • Improved sleep and well-being • Freedom to consciously grieve and move forward 

“Michael and Neelama helped me release all the stored up emotions I’d been carrying since my ex left me. I’d done years of talk therapy, but was never able to let go of the anger and blame. In this short but powerful time with them, my heart is finally free to move forward!” ~S.M., Nurse, Virginia  

Healing Heart Protocol - Module 1


Healing Heart Protocol - Module 2

Often in the pain and chaos of a breakup, we lose our center—and our ability to see a clear path forward. We often give our power over to our ex, becoming a victim. This module helps us to break the spell the other has on us, and come back to our true power. In order for us to grow, it’s important to uncover the learnings of this relationship, so that we can transform from this breakup (and it’s not just a tragedy). The gift of the metal element is a clearer understanding of what motivates your behavior, particularly in unhealthy ways. The work in this module liberates you from the patterns of your past and allows you to consciously choose a future mate from a place of clarity versus fantasy. You become free—to choose the kind of relationship you want to create with yourself, your children, and your future partner. 

RESULT: • Liberate yourself from the unconscious beliefs that control your behavior in relationship • Break the chains that keep you from having the love you want • Newfound self-awareness • Freedom from the pattern of heartbreak • A clear mind from which to take action and chart a new path forward • Opening to Self Love

3 - EARTH PHASE: OPEN TO LOVE (1 hour, 50min)

In order for any process of healing to be holistic and complete, both sides of the coin need to be examined. The Earth element gives us the capacity to take responsibility for our contribution to the ‘dance of relationship’. This can be difficult to understand, particularly if we have been left, betrayed, or abused by our ex. Yet, what we have discovered in our work with thousands of people, and in our own divorce, is that the old adage is true: it really does take two to tango. Most approaches neglect this fundamental inquiry—leaving many people unfinished with their ex, and thus unhealed. Yes we have been hurt – and we also have caused hurt—not because we are bad, but simply because we are human. Through this module, you are guided in a loving and compassionate way, to examine your contribution to the relationship dynamic. This can result in a profound forgiveness and compassion. When we can arrive at true forgiveness and compassion, our heart is healed and opened to life and love again in a profound way. In the words of a wise saint and mystic, “It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.”  

RESULT: • Increased Self awareness • Profound compassion and forgiveness • Opening the heart to an entirely new level • Deepened understanding of yourself • Profound inner peace and resolution with the past • A truly expanded heart from which to find love again

Healing Heart Protocol - Module 3


Healing Heart Protocol - Module 4

This Water element brings the gifts of the sacred into a seemingly ‘unsacred’ process. This element, in the cycle of life, is about completion. Endings—and how we ‘end’ our relationship, sets the stage for how we ‘birth,’ or move forward into our next relationship. This module will helps you to consciously complete the past in a way that will set the stage for a brand new life. In this module, you’ll be guided through a profound process of going inward, reflecting, and learning to come home to yourself. In our extremely ‘out going culture,’ it’s so crucial to learn what it means to be truly sourced from ‘within’. This helps us out of our over-dependence on the other to be the only source of Love in our lives. This inner filling, that happens through the water module, is essential for healthy relationships moving forward. The water module teaches us that the primary source of love is self-love. 

RESULT: • Enhanced Self love • Increased ability to remain calm amidst the storm. • Experiencing the gifts of being single: from loneliness to aloneness: the capacity to enjoy solitude • A profound shift in your ability to complete the past and move forward in your life • Access to your unique Spiritual source • Ability to truly meet your future Love from a place of fullness versus dependence

5 - WOOD: BIRTH YOUR NEW LIFE (2 hours, 47 min)

Sourced by the water element, the Wood Module is about birthing your new life. The Wood element relates to the season of spring, where all new life gets born. You are part of the eternal cycle of life, and understanding the elements will help you to realize the profound truth that after every ‘death’ comes a birth. Just like the winter season births spring, the wood elment allows you to envision a fresh and new beginning. Taking all that you’ve learned about yourself, you are truly ready to begin anew. As you reconnect to your true power from a healed and open heart, you are able to manifest the life you want.  

RESULT: • Birth a new beginning • Connect to your sense of purpose • Discover your capacity for power, passion and love • Reclaim your spirit and joie-de-vivre • Experience a profound direction and meaning • Activate your unique contribution in life – with your children, your family, your career, your purpose, and the planet

Healing Heart Protocol - Module 5


Evangeline Welch

“I was experiencing profound heartbreak, feelings of abandonment, and anger over my husband’s decision to end our marriage. Exactly two weeks after he moved out of the house, we saw each other again for the first time at Michael and Neelama’s Intensive. Through a guided process, they helped both of us to honor the pain we felt from each other, and more significantly, to fully embody the pain that we had caused each other. For the first time, I truly understood the hurt that he had felt in our relationship – his feelings of being trapped in a marriage that wasn’t bringing him happiness. As I felt into his experience, while honoring my own, my grieving heart opened in true forgiveness.  

This helped both of us commit to continue to honor, love and treat each other well through the divorce process. Through our work with Michael &&Neelama, we transformed our love and let go of what wasn’t working. The capacity to forgive helped us both to meet new partners without bitterness and regret in the way. I am deeply grateful to Michael and Neelama for showing us the way.”  

Evangeline Welch Marketing Director & Webmaster, Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, Novato, CA

Julia Garcia

“The end of my marriage felt like a failure to me. I was ashamed, embarrassed to talk about it and experienced significant sadness, anger and guilt. I was worried it would hurt our family members and alter friendships. I could not reconcile or imagine a life without my husband present and at the same time could not continue in a marriage that was causing me tremendous pain. 

Working with Neelama and Michael helped me to work through this incredibly sad and painful process in a compassionate and professional manner. With their coaching, supportive listening and insight I was able to realize that I could continue with a caring and friendly connection with the man who was no longer my husband. Their skillful approach has allowed me to move forward in a positive manner, encouraging empathy, forgiveness and self-care. I am so thankful for their support — I would never have achieved this peaceful and loving resolution without their guidance.”  

Julie Garcia MSW, Inova Health, Falls Church, VA

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This free 35-minute introductory video details the entire Healing Heart Protocol process and is a way for you to get a feel for what The Healing Heart Protocol online course is all about.

The Healing Heart Protocol is a 5-STEP online course designed to heal your hurts, renew your spirit, and open your heart to life and love again.

It includes 5 modules of audio (appx 2-2.5 hours per module), PDF transcripts of the 5 modules (appx 50 pages per module) and PDF Worksheets to accompany each module (appx 10 pages total).

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Divorce doesn't have to harm those we love!

A traumatic breakup or divorce is one of the most difficult experiences you’ll ever face. It’s an incredibly painful and lonely time, and very few people are shown how to navigate through it effectively. When you don’t have the right kind of support during your divorce, the emotional pain can stay with you for years, affecting your entire life.