Inner Journey Canada is a non-profit educational organization committed to creating environments in which people can learn and grow, emotionally and spiritually, and bring that growth into enhancing their daily lives. The curriculum for our seminars, workshops and related activities is designed to enable people to develop their own path for inner work. We welcome people of all races, ethnicities and sexual orientation, and our Inner Journey Seminar facility can accommodate people with disabilities. We are not affiliated with any church group, religious, or spiritual organization. We honour all spiritual and non-spiritual paths and traditions.


Inner Journey Canada is committed to a world where people are fully alive, self-aware and connected ― and are acknowledged for who they are.


– to inspire people to embark upon a journey of self-discovery and freedom;
– to offer transforming experiences within a safe and supported environment;
– to empower people to realize their potential and fully embrace life’s possibilities.


– Inclusiveness and Acceptance
– Love and Compassion
– Strength and Responsibility
– Clarity and Resolve

Very few places exist on this earth where you can fully experience freedom, passion, power, connection and inner peace. The Inner Journey is one such place.

Drawn from years of experience and in-depth study of Western psychology, Eastern philosophy and world class transformation theory, the Inner Journey is a modern day response to the ancient search for truth and meaning in our lives.

“I’ve worked with Michaal and Neelama over the last 5 years, and working with them is like a psychological and spiritual tune up! I always come away with practical steps to address issues in my life, which has helped me achieve my goals and feel happier and healthier in the process. Their work has had a cumulative effect that has greatly enhanced my life skills and capabilities.”
Kevin F. - Management Consultant - Washington, DC