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Studies show that most Beautiful Young Woman Outdoors. Enjoy Nature. Meadowpeople would like to transform or expand at least one area of their lives.  More and more people want greater connection, deeper meaning, and more love and expansion.   The Inner Journey Intensive transforms the quality of your life in all domains.  In just 3.5 days, our highly experiential approach draws on the best of Eastern and Western personal development modalities to cause a dramatic breakthrough in your life.  This breakthrough results in greater freedom: causing enhanced self-confidence, authentic expression, living your potential, and an increased ability to give and receive love.


Transforming lives since 1999


Where would you like a breakthrough ?  

This can be seen in the Lack, violation of human rights liberty. Young lonely woman sitting in glass jar isolated grey wall background. Suppression of freedom, restrain, employee working conditions, life limitation concepteveryday examples of: wanting a partner and not finding the right match; hoping to lose weight and get in better shape, yet never reaching your goal; knowing what you need to say or do, yet fear getting in your way; wanting to lead a more purpose-driven life, yet lacking the clarity or power to take action.

Neuroscience has confirmed that our subconscious mind controls much more of our behavior than we imagine.   What does this tell us?  Even though you consciously want to lead a happy, meaningful, and successful life, very often something in your subconscious prevents this.

Our curriculum goes to the root of what’s blocking you from having the life that you want.  The work is highly experiential, and addresses all levels of your humanity: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.  Our holistic and in-depth approach produces life-altering breakthroughs that result in new ways of loving and living.


Make a profound difference in the lives of others!

JIHOG-mountainThe entire Inner Journey curriculum centers around one basic principle: helping people reach their greatest potential and lead more fulfilling lives!

Our facilitation trainings prepare you with the transformational tools, leadership skills, and experiential modalities designed to increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence so that you can effect dramatic change in the lives of others.  


Some of the most common breakthroughs in  our work include:

“Attracting a life-partner after years of being single!”

“Accessing the power and confidence to land my dream job.”  

“The ability to forgive my ex and finally move forward (in life and love!) after my divorce.”  

“The Inner Journey was like a boot camp for my heart and soul– the curriculum allowed me to actualize my full potential.  This has translated into a wonderful marriage and a career where I’m able be a highly effective leader for others.”

“I finally let go of the past baggage that held me back for so long– I feel a thousand pounds lighter!”

“I have found my life’s purpose.”  

“Making self-care a priority, and finding a healthy balance in my work and home life.”  

“I’ve come to love and accept myself — just as I am.”

What people are saying:

Mei Headshot from KR.square“I’ve done a lot of personal development work over the past years, and The Inner Journey was one of the most powerful experiences of my life!  I walked away tremendously empowered and energized,  and immediately set to work on accomplishing my life goals with  confidence and commitment.

I will always be thankful to the IJ team for the support, energy, and love they selflessly gave to me that weekend in order to help me take the final steps out of pain and suffering and solidly onto my new life path.”                                                                                                                

MeiMei Fox, New York Times bestselling author and blogger: Adventures with twins


“Michael and Neelama gave my former partner and I the perspective we needed to approach the end of a major relationship in a constructive way. By understanding ourselves and the dynamics between us, we were able to deconstruct blame and be grateful to have met each other. Rather than gaining an enemy, I retained a life-long friend.”
Stephen P - Computer Programmer - Bethesda, MD