Journey into Love

  • Do you long for a more fulfilling relationship?

Journey into Love                       

A 3 Day Couples Workshop into the Heart of Relationship.

The Journey into Love is a deep exploration of all that stands in the way of a truly open heart. Without fully loving, life often feels empty and meaningless. Your relationship can be a gateway to a deeply fulfilling life.

A healthy relationship includes laughter, trust, honesty, intimacy, fun & deep connection. Yet, for many people, relationships are often the source of immense pain and struggle. It is in your most intimate of relationships that our old wounds, judgments and projections surface. This makes relationship a profound opportunity for transformation.

Are you and your partner stuck in old behavior patterns?  

Do you struggle to communicate effectively with each other?

Have you lost the passion, meaningful connection, or ability to have fun ? 


Like anything you want to be successful at, relationships take intention and effort. This workshop is a profound opportunity to invest in yourself, in each other, and in your children (if applicable).

When you’re willing to work on your relationship, the challenges you’re facing can be transformed into incredible opportunities for personal growth.


THIS WORKSHOP IS NOT a classroom lecture or ‘talk therapy.’ There will be times of instruction and valuable information presented, but this will always be combined with exercises and experiential processes that will help you apply this information to the practical problems you face in your relationship. This is less emphasized in many couples workshops and IS, what we have discovered after 15 years of working with couples, a crucial element for lasting change.

Benefits of this Workshop:  

In this 3 day experiential intensive, you will learn: 

  • Valuable strategies for keeping love alive in long term relationships – especially the “Art of Compromise” 
  • How to deal with past issues & resentments that have ‘piled up’.
  • How to create a new beginning with your partner no matter how much ‘water is under the bridge!’
  • How to transform your conflicts into valuable learning opportunities
  • How to make each other a priority again
  • To apply the Five Seasons of Love with its unique gifts and challenges
  • The “Magic Question” — a proven technique for reducing stress
  • How to deal with ‘hot button’ issues
  • Tips for recognizing and responding to the warning signs of “separation
  • How to recognize and manage the triggers in your relationship
  • Transforming hurts into heart opening opportunities  
  • To create deeper intimacy and connection
  • To create a common vision and purpose
  • The ‘Art of Experiencing’ each other
  • To bring the sense of the Sacred into your Relationship  

The Good News: LOVE is who we are – it is our intrinsic nature.

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The Challenging News: how to keep love alive and flowering in a long term relationship, where your wounds get activated?

Over the weekend, you will awaken and deepen this dormant, most precious quality within: Love. You’ll also learn how to keep the ‘garden’ of relationships alive and flourishing.  This process will allow you to shed anything covering over our heart’s natural state: openness, vulnerability, availability, spaciousness….LOVE.

What you’ll receive from the workshop:relationship

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When: Friday, March 27, 9.30AM-7PM                                                                                                                            Saturday, March 28, 9.30AM-7PM                                                                                                                        Sunday, March 29, 9.30AM-5.30PM

Where: Ottawa, Ontario (details TBA, the course is non-residential)

Course Fee: $ 550 (1100 per Couple. Please register individually) 

“I am enormously grateful to both Neelama & Michael for the relief they helped me find as I recovered from divorce. They guided me to forgive myself and to let my husband and son carry their own burdens. With their support, I was able to reach a much clearer perspective. My work with them has lead to a respectful and vastly healthier relationship with my ex-husband.”
Callie Kindrish - Petaluma, CA