Inner Journey Quantum Shift Training

August 19-23, 2020
The Land Celebration ~ Gore, Virginia

Create a Quantum Shift in Your Life!

Quantum Shift = any significant change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance

There are times on our journey where we’ve been

in a rut and can’t seem to find our way out. 


There are times when life is going along fine 
but we know there’s so much more possible for us! 
In what specific area of your life
do you want a breakthrough?


Are you longing for deeper connection and better communication in your relationships?

Do you battle ongoing depression, anxiety, or have you lost your zest for life?
Do you want to transcend self-judgment and arrive at a place of self acceptance?
Is there something from your past (a relationship, a traumatic event, a death/loss) that you feel unable to resolve or move beyond?
Are you single and want to learn how to open yourself to your next love?
Does it seem like there’s more potential for you in your career?
Is the political situation in our world invading your life — causing you to feel angry, resigned, or hopeless?
Do you struggle to lose weight or change your eating/exercise habits, no matter how hard you’ve tried?
Are you looking for a way to age gracefully?
Are you stuck in resentment and bitterness about a situation or a person in your life (past or present)?
Would you like a deeper or more tangible connection to a spiritual source greater than yourself?
Do you feel deeply unfulfilled or dissatisfied with life? Do you have the feeling that nothing does it anymore– this is often called an existential crisis.

The Quantum Shift Training  is designed to cause a major shift in the area of life where you need it most.


What is needed to create a quantum breakthrough in our life is a transformational force field.  This is the purpose of the Inner Journey Quantum Shift Training.  In our experience of working with people for over two decades, this kind of shift usually occurs in an intensified environment dedicated to personal growth and transformation.  It is in such a force field where you’re able to take a deep dive into yourself and finally get to the roots of the reasons why you are stuck. 

The secret of this training is that it’s tailored to you and your personal breakthrough! The structure and processes of this training will allow you to focus deeply on the area where you want to have a quantum shift.

Many scientific studies show that roughly 95% of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious mind.  This can seem depressing — yet, what researches have found is that change happens when we train the mind out of it’s automatic response to life.  This training works directly with this principle by teaching various modalities that help you to access and shift the subconscious patterns that are in the way having the life you truly desire.

In the Inner Journey Quantum Shift Training, you will:

+Breakthrough the unconscious patterning that has kept your life on hold 

+Expand into the greater potential inside of you

+Create new and powerful patterns of behavior that ensure lasting expansion

+Open to greater levels of fulfillment, joy, love and self expression

+Release emotional knots so that energy can move you towards your passion

+Reclaim a sense of being in the drivers seat of your life

+Deepen your connection to inner silence and your unique spirituality

+Activate your aware self- with it’s gifts of openness, love, creativity and authenticity– to guide your life

+Develop practices to ensure your expansions and breakthroughs are sustained back at home.


OUR PROMISE:  If you use the tools, techniques, and processes during this training to work deeply with your issue for these 5 days, a quantum shift will take place in this area of your life.

What people are saying:

The Inner Journey work has taught me how to achieve my best life and reach my full potential— including very strong relationships and a successful career. I’ve learned how to be present and grateful in moments of stress, pain, and fear. This work has helped me to embrace both “good” and “bad” in conscious ways so I can see opportunities and growth, even in challenging situations.”       Jill Hinrichs ~ Designer & Trainer: Groupon – Chicago, IL


“After 20 years with no success, this training finally allowed me to have a major breakthrough around my weight.  Through the tools and the structure of this training, I was guided and supported to drill down into the deeper reasons behind my eating.  I discovered the emotional and subconscious reasons that caused my overeating, and these insights led to real behavior change.  I now know the secret to recovering quickly and sustaining my weight-loss success long term.  Since this training, I’ve lost more than 100 pounds and have my life back.  I am forever grateful for this experience.” Craig Sweetnam, Property Manager/Business Owner – Ottawa, Canada


“At the training, I came in touch with a partChristina Profile of myself that allows the flow of  intuition, higher power, compassion, and femininity.  I was able to release the subconscious “having to do it all on my own” mentality and have been able to let others contribute to me.  This shift made possible the formation of my new business, and most importantly, finding and marrying the man of my dreams! The effects of the Inner Journey and its community continue to influence and enrich my life every single day.” Christina Baldwin – Realtor – Arlington, VA


“Being in the in the adult education business, I can attest to the commitment it takes to make a difference.   That, in itself is a blessing! Inner Journey has truly showed me that we can see the world in a different light, that we can be inspired, and that we can find real peace and lasting happiness on our own terms.”  Steve Shivkumar, President:  Building Blocks Training Inc. ~ Ottawa, Canada


What’s the structure of the training?  

Through a combination of experiential group processes, time in nature, and practices that promote stillness and quiet reflection, you are given the resources and the space needed to create a quantum shift in your way of living.
You’re invited into a unique training experience where you’ll be immersed 
in an experiential learning container designed to activate transformation 
across all levels of yourself!  Most trainings are lecture based. This training 
engages the whole human being and combines the best of:
+cutting-edge tools that re-pattern the subconscious mind
+experiential processes that activate and transform the body and emotions
+meditation and contemplative practices that cultivate
deeper levels of awareness and stillness  
+music and movement techniques to awaken our expanded and creative potential
+quiet reflection in a beautiful setting designed to deepen
your connection to the natural world and your unique spiritual source
+authentic connection to a community of like minded seekers 

Inner Journey Quantum Shift Training
August 14-18, 2019
The Land Celebration
Gore, VA
Training begins Wednesday 8/19 at 9 AM 
(your fee includes overnight stay the night before – 8/13)
Training ends on Sunday 8/23 at 1pm with lunch.
Facilitators:  Click on names to find out more about the facilitators
Cost for training (including food and lodging at The Land Celebration) is US $1475 or CDN $1700

“I’ve “worked’ with — if you can call it something as mundane as working with — Michael and Neelama, both individually and together in groups, for over ten years. The first several years were, especially, in a word, life-altering! I’d say without reservation that my work, my relationships, and my appreciation for life have been transformed for the better because of their loving guidance.”
Jack Gescheidt - Photographer & Founder of The TreeSpirit Project - San Geronimo, CA