A traumatic breakup or divorce is one of the most difficult experiences you’ll ever face. It’s an incredibly painful and lonely time, and very few people are shown how to navigate through it effectively. When you don’t have the right kind of support during your divorce, the emotional pain can stay with you for years, affecting your entire life.
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Are you?

  • Stuck in the trenches of your breakup?
  • Tired of trying to get through this on your own?
  • Unable to let go and move forward with your life?
  • Paralyzed by the emotional roller coaster of your
    breakup or divorce?
  • Unable to keep your own pain from your children?
  • Incomplete about a past breakup or divorce?
  • Unable to open your heart to love again?

Divorce doesn’t have to damage those you love

It’s never your intention as a parent to hurt your children. Yet, if you aren’t getting the right kind of support to heal after a painful divorce, your own unresolved emotions can impact those you love the most. Your children are most likely also struggling, and need you to be healed and whole so that you can be a force of strength and hope for them.


You don’t have to go through this alone.

Going through a breakup can be one of the most isolating experiences of your life. When you are overwhelmed with pain, guilt, anger, or loss, there can be a tendency to withdraw and feel like you’ve got to get through this on your own. While some amount of alone time is necessary, in order to fully heal and move forward it’s essential to get support from others who have gone down this road.

Support is here

We are Neelama Eyres and Michael Schiesser, divorce EX-perts and founders of The Inner Journey Institute. We’ve lead transformational workshops across the U.S., Canada and Europe for the past 16 years, and helped thousands of people navigate from heartbreak and pain into healing and new beginnings. We went through our own separation in 2006, and know firsthand what it’s like to experience the emotional pain, anger, and fear that occur during divorce. We’ve been right where you are,

The Healing Divorce Intensive

A 3-day in-person workshop designed to heal your hurts, renew your spirit, and open your heart to life and love again.

We created The Healing Divorce Intensive to provide you with

profound and sustainable healing from heartbreak, the tools and techniques necessary to consciously complete the past, so that you can go forward into a new and brighter future—one that includes opening your heart to love again.

Why an intensive?

Studies show that healing is greater in groups.

The American Psychological Association has studied the effectiveness of groups and have found that when individuals with a common identity and shared purpose come together, the healing is profoundly greater.”(Susan Pease Gadoua L.C.S.W.)1


We have seen these results countless times
in our work with groups for over 15 years.

In general, people heal faster and more comprehensively in an experiential group setting. The support, encouragement, and commitment of others who also want to move forward acts as a profound catalyst for growth.

Does this really work?

We’ve spent over 15 years designing experiential programs that create immense healing and transformation in the shortest amount of time. Our Healing Divorce Intensive is successful because it incorporates 3 components necessary to create deep and lasting change.

1. The program is holistic

The Intensive addresses the fundamental levels of every human being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Emotional: There’s nothing more difficult to bear than the pain of the heart—our society has even created a word for it: heartbreak. And yet, we’ve never been shown how to go through this hurt in a way that brings healing. In a safe and supportive setting, you will be guided through emotional clearing work, so that you can grieve in a way that allows you to be free and move forward with an open heart.

Mental: During a breakup, your normal ‘chattering mind’ becomes extremely active– and can often overwhelm you with incessant judgments, particularly self-judgments. You will learn the art of self-awareness, and meditations to quiet your mind. Developing greater awareness is key to finding inner peace in the midst of your breakup storm.


Physical: We live in a body, and can use our body to help us on our journey. Using various physical exercises—including breath and movement processes, you are guided to release the past and empowered to move forward.

Spiritual: Your spirituality is a very personal expression—and completely unique to you. In our work we have discovered, that when people are connected to their deepest self, healing happens more quickly and with much greater ease. Our Intensive program incorporates time each day for you to spend in quiet reflection, meditation and/or prayer to help you access your unique spiritual Source.

2. The program is reparative

When your arm is broken, your body goes through various phases to repair the bone. When your heart has been broken, it also needs to go through several essential phases in order to heal, just like any other part of your physical body. When your arm is broken, your body goes through various phases to repair the bone.

These are called:

  • The reactive phase
  • The reparative phase
  • The remodelling phase

Any doctor will tell you it’s crucial that each healing stage be given the proper attention, so that full recovery can be reached.

If you don’t follow the specific protocol, you will cause more harm to yourself. Imagine if you tried to use your arm too early—it would cause greater damage to the bone, and possibly even prevent the bone from healing completely.

Red heart with stitching down the middle

In the world of heartbreak, this is illustrated by the statistics around the success of second marriages, which show an even greater likelihood of failure. In our work with people, we have seen a direct correlation between hearts that have not properly healed and future relationships that fail.

Our reparative protocol guides you through all the phases necessary to mend your broken heart. Just as a completely healed bone is actually stronger than before, a mended heart gives you even deeper wisdom, maturity, and a greater capacity for love.

3. The program creates closure for you (regardless of your ex)

One of the biggest challenges of a breakup is how to find resolution so that you can move forward with your life. This is particularly hard when your ex has no interest in participating in the healing process. If you can’t find closure, your heart, your life, and your children (if applicable) will suffer.

If you’re unable to release the pain of your heartbreak, it will fester inside of you, leading to a heart that is bitter, cold, and shut down. A heart clouded by anger and pain is not open to attracting love again. Think about it this way: when your house is cluttered with hurt and resentment towards your ex, or unfinished business from your breakup, there’s hardly any room for someone else to enter. If someone does manage to get in, the baggage in your heart will eventually leak out into that next relationship.

When you have closure, regardless of your ex, your entire nervous system calms down—a huge mental and emotional anguish lifts, and you feel a sense of inner peace again. You are able to sleep better, and remain calm under the demands of daily life. Your heart is unburdened, and you feel clarity of mind and a lightness and joy returning to your life.


If you have children, they will benefit immensely when you are able to create closure for yourself. It’s children who suffer the most when the people they love most are suffering. When you are able to find resolution within yourself, your children will feel more at peace, more secure, and liberated from the pressure of having to “take sides” or be ‘in between’ their own parents.

The Healing Divorce Intensive contains our unique CCP: Conscious Closure Process. This process is designed to enable you to complete your relationship in a way that is healing and empowering. The beauty of this process is that it allows you to find resolution, even when your ex doesn’t want to participate, and in a safe, intimate, and supportive environment. This process will free your heart and open you up to finding love and joy again.

What people are saying:

EvangelineWelch“I was experiencing profound heartbreak, feelings of abandonment, and anger over my husband’s decision to end our marriage. Exactly two weeks after he moved out of the house, we saw each other again for the first time at Michael and Neelama’s Intensive.  Through a guided process, they helped both of us to honor the pain we felt from each other, and more significantly, to fully embody the pain that we had caused each other. For the first time, I truly understood the hurt that he had felt in our relationship – his feelings of being trapped in a marriage that wasn’t bringing him happiness. As I felt into his experience, while honoring my own, my grieving heart opened in true forgiveness.

This helped both of us commit to continue to honor, love and treat each other well through the divorce process. Through our work with Michael & Neelama, we transformed our love and let go of what wasn’t working. The capacity to forgive helped us both to meet new partners without bitterness and regret in the way. I am deeply grateful to Michael and Neelama for showing us the way.” ~ Evangeline Welch, Marketing Director and Webmaster, Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, Novato, CA

Dave King“Michael and Neelama skillfully guided me through a process at a difficult point in my separation.

Through my work with them, I was able to come to a place of clarity and gratitude, which allowed me to let my relationship go, while maintaining care and respect for my ex.

Two years later, we are better friends than we were as a couple, and I’m so thankful for that.

Today, I’m in a new relationship and cannot thank Neelama and Michael enough for their encouragement and wisdom along the way!” ~ Dave King, Trading, West Palm Beach, FL

Julia Garcia“The end of my marriage felt like a failure to me. I was ashamed, embarrassed to talk about it and experienced significant sadness, anger and guilt. I was worried it would hurt our family members and alter friendships. I could not reconcile or imagine a life without my husband present and at the same time could not continue in a marriage that was causing me tremendous pain.
Working with Neelama and Michael helped me to work through this incredibly sad and painful process in a compassionate and professional manner. With their coaching, supportive listening and insight I was able to realize that I could continue with a caring and friendly connection with the man who was no longer my husband. Their skillful approach has allowed me to move forward in a positive manner, encouraging empathy, forgiveness and self-care. I am so thankful for their support — I would never have achieved this peaceful and loving resolution without their guidance.” ~ Julie Garcia, MSW, Inova Health, Falls Church, VA

The Time is NOW!


“What’s interesting is that, on their own, the sad, depressed and lost divorcing person will often flounder, but there seems to be a magic that happens when two or more divorcing people get together. Each one can hold and comfort the other emotionally and, as a result, they both get stronger.” From Psychology Today


Don’t put your healing on hold any longer

Join us,—and others just like you—on an impactful journey to release your past and reclaim a life of love.

“I am enormously grateful to both Neelama & Michael for the relief they helped me find as I recovered from divorce. They guided me to forgive myself and to let my husband and son carry their own burdens. With their support, I was able to reach a much clearer perspective. My work with them has lead to a respectful and vastly healthier relationship with my ex-husband.”
Callie Kindrish - Petaluma, CA