Annual General Meeting and Circle Reports

Have you ever considered playing an active part in your Inner Journey community?

At this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), the positions of Communications Coordinator, Social Coordinator, Enrolment Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator became available.

For more information on these roles, please contact the chair (Eric Girouard) at

Would you like to encourage those who volunteer on the Coordinating Circle? If so, please attend the AGM and show your support!


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Behind the Scenes

Inner Journey Canada is managed by eight committees in which volunteers serve the community. The Coordinators of the committees, who are elected at IJ’s Annual General Meeting, form the Coordinating Circle. The  Circle supports Inner Journey Canada through business and operational leadership, and through liaison with the Facilitator Group.

The Coordinating Circle welcomes your comments and suggestions on any aspect of Inner Journey activities. You are also welcome to submit an agenda item or attend one of the monthly meetings of the Circle.

Volunteering to support one of the committees is a way you can enrich your personal IJ experience, reconnect with like-minded friends and, through service, give back to the IJ community. If you are an IJ graduate and would like to volunteer to support one of the committee activities or attend one of the monthly meetings of the Circle, please contact the Chair.

The following are the members of the Coordinating Circle for 2016/17, their roles, and some of their support volunteers.

Circle Members

Eric GirouardAdministration Coordinator
Evan McBrideFinance Coordinator (Treasurer)
Fred OwenCommunications Coordinator    
Currently vacant

Production Coordinator  
Julie Desmarais

Social Coordinator
Currently vacant

Love & Care Coordinator
Violetta Borowski
– Supported by Judith Alexander, John Houde, Ann Ebert, Rita Finnigan, Alissa Miki

Enrolment Coordinator
Currently Vacant
– Supported by Synandra Lechner, Julie Desmarais, Carmela Prinzo, Lynn Palfenier and Guylène Owen.


To coordinate and chair Coordinating Circle and Annual General meetings, as well as other special meetings as required.

To ensure that effective secretarial, legal and archival practices are in place.

To provide accurate and reliable accounting of the financial affairs of Inner Journey Canada Seminars Inc. To collect fees and donations, set budgets, pay bills and manage bookkeeping.

To ensure that Inner Journey  Canada members are kept informed of community events and engaged in active and  lively dialogue relevant to their personal journeys, and to manage brand recognition and the development and distribution of promotional materials.

To ensure effective delivery of Inner Journey programs through the scheduling of programs and events, the provision of adequate facilities and production materials.

To provide ongoing  opportunities for IJ members to stay connected, celebrate in fellowship and enjoy one another’s company and friendship.

To ensure ongoing  support to members of the IJ community in feeling valued, heard, loved and cared for, and to ensure recognition of volunteers. If you are aware of someone in the IJ community who needs support, contact

To promote Inner Journey programs and educate the public about them, to ensure viability and adequate enrolment. To ensure appropriate registration for Inner Journey courses

To “hold the vision” during  Coordinating Circle meetings and serve as liaison between the Coordinating Circle and the Facilitator Group.

“Michael and Neelama gave my former partner and I the perspective we needed to approach the end of a major relationship in a constructive way. By understanding ourselves and the dynamics between us, we were able to deconstruct blame and be grateful to have met each other. Rather than gaining an enemy, I retained a life-long friend.”
Stephen P - Computer Programmer - Bethesda, MD