Inner Journey Level III: A Journey into Relationship

Do you want to feel more love in your life?

**Do you want to feel closer to your family, friends, or your significant other?

**Are you looking for a relationship but just can’t seem to find one?

**Are you in a relationship that lacks passion & aliveness?

**Do you struggle to communicate from a place of compassion & empathy?

**Do you find yourself getting agitated & judgmental towards the people in your life?

Experience a life-altering shift in the way you relate to others.



At the Inner Journey Intensive, you went on a profound journey of self-exploration. At our Level II program, your journey will take you even deeper — into the most important domain of life: RELATIONSHIP.  Relationship is at the very core of our humanity. Our need to belong, to feel connected to the people in our lives, is fundamental to our sense of health, well-being and joy, whether with our most beloved, our family members, our friends, neighbors or the people with whom we work. Join us for a life-changing 2.5 day experience designed to SHIFT what’s blocking you from having profound, alive and meaningful connections in all of your relationships.


What to expect from participating in IJ Level III:

shutterstock_133463087♥ Transform the behaviors that get in the way of love.

♥ Re-awaken the passion and connection that brought you together with your partner.

♥ Remove the walls that block you from attracting the partner you deserve.


♥ Discover how to remain compassionate even when people annoy you.

♥ Practice speaking and listening from your heart.

♥ Reconnect and be nourished by the loving and supportive Inner Journey community.


What people are saying:

Michelle Lee for Neelama


“My separation was one of the most difficult times in my life. Through the work of Inner Journey, and Michael and Neelama’s guidance, compassion and remarkable expertise, I emerged from this crisis healed and empowered to move forward with my life. I am ready to love again.”

Michelle D, Organizational Consultant, Washington DC

“Inner Journey was the most incredible experience of my0469802 life.  They walked me–step by step–through the process of opening my heart to love again.  I feel alive and fully available to engage authentically and powerfully with my family, my partner, and my clients and employees.  At the intensive, you learn the most fundamental tools of life: how to be a compassionate, passionate, and real human being!  The experience was truly life changing.  

Robert W, Software Developer, Washington DC

Course Details:

NOTE: The Inner Journey Level III is a NON RESIDENTIAL program.

The program begins on Friday and ends at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening.

The next Level III program is scheduled in Ottawa, Canada, in April of 2019. Details to be announced. 

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“I am enormously grateful to both Neelama & Michael for the relief they helped me find as I recovered from divorce. They guided me to forgive myself and to let my husband and son carry their own burdens. With their support, I was able to reach a much clearer perspective. My work with them has lead to a respectful and vastly healthier relationship with my ex-husband.”
Callie Kindrish - Petaluma, CA