The Essential Pilgrimage

essential-pilgrimageThe Essential Pilgrimage is a weekend program designed for Inner Journey graduates to continue the exploration into the essential themes of life. Occuring every 3 months, it is a school of enlightenment for the modern soul – a supportive, encouraging, and inspirational place to inquire, to connect with Spirit and to Awaken. Led by Michael Schiesser – creator of the Inner Journey, the program synthesizes dynamic teachings of the Diamond Logos Approach ( with profound experiential work, and expressions of devotion and grace to guide us on our journey within.

The Essential Pilgrimage is a series designed for Inner Journey graduates who are deeply committed to continuing their own transformation process. The Essential Pilgrimage will be held in each Inner Journey community four times a year.

“The Essential Pilgrimage is a ‘living’ school: it’s real, alive, contemporary. The teachings, practices and path allow for a natural and powerful transformative force to take hold, one that unfolds the spirit. If you are reading this now and are being offered the chance to become part of the Essential Pilgrimage, I encourage you to do so, from the bottom of my heart. This is a rare and precious opportunity and I am so deeply grateful to have been given access to the knowledge inherent in this work and to participate in the awakening of human consciousness at the depth that the Pilgrimage offers. I can feel the momentum of this path carrying me – and that is made real and powerful because of the teachings, practices and experiences I have been given. The Essential Pilgrimage is an enlightenment school for the modern human: it’s the real thing, and it’s what I, for one, have been yearning for.”

Nadia Ross, EP Ottawa.

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“Michael and Neelama are wise, loving and compassionate coaches. In working with them, I have connected more deeply with my true nature, and in the process, my heart has opened more widely and I am more embodied and present to what is. I can see more clearly now, and I am very grateful.”
Vicki D. - Lawyer - Alexandria, VA