Oneness Program

This course is based on teachings of the Oneness University and is designed to show what life is like outside the realm of the mind:

~ vast peace, stillness, and love that is revealed in direct experience.

It is a very sacred, divinely led process which culminates in the transmission of a very special Oneness Blessing, called Mukthi Deeksha

~ an energy transfer for salvation, liberation and awakening


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Course Curriculum:

  • Ancient meditation practices are taught to help open, balance and clear the chakra system and activate the Holy Spirit (Kundalini) energy
  • Release of deep-seated emotional charges
  • Healing of negative childhood patterns
  • Relationship improving teachings for couples and singles
  • Profound parental guidance on how to raise children respecting their souls
  • Receive special Oneness Blessing to help establish and deepen an intimate and personal relationship with God/Divine Presence
  • Initiation into becoming a Oneness Blessing/Deeksha Giver

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“I’ve “worked’ with — if you can call it something as mundane as working with — Michael and Neelama, both individually and together in groups, for over ten years. The first several years were, especially, in a word, life-altering! I’d say without reservation that my work, my relationships, and my appreciation for life have been transformed for the better because of their loving guidance.”
Jack Gescheidt - Photographer & Founder of The TreeSpirit Project - San Geronimo, CA