About Neelama Eyres

Neelama Eyres’ vision, passion, and joy revolve around assisting people on their journeys of “remembering who they are.” Her background includes a B.A. in Comparative Religion, the study of Eastern spirituality and Western psychology, leading meditation  retreats, facilitating seminars and trainings, private coaching for individuals, couples, and teams, and co-authoring a book.

Neelama’s training began in 1995, in direct hands-on sessions with students in personal growth intensives. Since 1998, she has worked in the field of personal transformation in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, as a life coach, facilitator, and trainer in transformational workshops—now under the umbrella of Inner Journey Seminars, an educational organization of which she is co-founder.

In 2000, Neelama co-created Journey into Love, a relationship workshop for singles and couples. This was followed in 2001 by her creation of Body Embraced, a workshop for women, born of her desire to transform the body-discontent that most women experience into an opportunity for profound growth. In 2014 she co-created Embodied Compassion: An Immersion into the Nature of Compassion together with Robert Cusick from Stanford.

Neelama’s extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia and India have given her an extraordinary depth of experience in Eastern spirituality which, like her extensive studies of Western traditions, is reflected in all her work.

She has also studied the Family Constellation work of Bert Hellinger as well as somatic approaches to healing, all of which have informed the work she does with people in her workshops and trainings.  Neelama also has a private coaching practice in San Mateo, CA and works with people on the phone, in person or via Skype.

Neelama considers being a mother to Kai the most important gift and transformative experience of her life. She feels honored to be raising an incredible being, who has special challenges but brings tremendous joy to those he encounters.









“Giving Birth and Entering Motherhood have been the most profound passage on my life’s journey. Becoming a mother is teaching me what it truly means to surrender … if only for a moment. I have been humbled time and again by my human limitations, and have discovered that the source of unconditional love does not live within the bounds of my ego but, rather, must be called forth from another place entirely. Kai has shown me the door to my own heart, and helped me to walk through it countless times.”


“I am enormously grateful to both Neelama & Michael for the relief they helped me find as I recovered from divorce. They guided me to forgive myself and to let my husband and son carry their own burdens. With their support, I was able to reach a much clearer perspective. My work with them has lead to a respectful and vastly healthier relationship with my ex-husband.”
Callie Kindrish - Petaluma, CA