Graduate Inner Journey: Our Search for Belonging

Do you feel like you belong ?
Do you feel you are a part of 
something larger than yourself ?

Human Beings are social animals. At the deepest personal level, and as a species, we are wired to BELONG, because from the earliest part of our existence, belonging has been essential to human survival.
In our personal experience, this primal need begins at our birth, when we need others around us in order to survive.  
While in our modern world we are more digitally ‘connected’ than ever before, studies show that most people feel more separated and lonely in today’s tech-frenzied age! 


Our social media networks provide access to information and networking in ways that we have never seen, but they don’t quench our soul’s deeper thirst to belong to a community, a tribe, or a family in which we feel that profound sense of connection and intimacy.

The offering of this Graduate Inner Journey
is three-fold:

Potluck event
To explore your relationship to 
belonging — and how that basic human need offers many gifts and challenges from which to grow and transform.

To experience a profound sense of belonging and to explore ways of creating a deeper fulfillment of that need in your daily life.

To co-create, in community, ways that these principles can strengthen and further develop the Inner Journey community in DC to be a source of belonging for all involved.

“You are only free when you realize you belong
no place–You belong every place–no place at all.  The price is high.  The reward is great.” 
~Maya Angelou


   November 9-11th.  (Course       
   starts 11/9 at 10am and ends
   11/11 at 5pm).
   The Land Celebration 

 FACILITATORS:         Howard Ross, Neelama Eyres, Leslie Traub & Michael Schiesser

COST:  $745

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“My work with Michael and Neelama has allowed me to focus on the present moment and the people that matter most to me. They have guided me through challenging times in both personal and work relationships. Most of all, I have learned how to focus on the health and wellness of the most important person in my life – myself!”
Stefanie W.