The Family Constellation Journey

A Journey into healing and honoring

the relationship with your family of origin

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We all share one common human experience:

We are born into a family.

This program is a profound opportunity to explore and heal the relationship to your family of origin.  In our work with thousands of people  we’ve seen time and again that this relationship is one of the core factors that defines our life.

Why is healing the relationship with our family of origin so crucial?

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The relationship with our parents:

It has been proven over and over, that to come into one’s own, the ‘doorway’ goes through the healing with one’s parents. If one has not truly healed the relationship with one’s parents, it is difficult to live a fully expressed and abundant life.

The relationship with the parent of the same gender:

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A woman who is not connected to her mother may have challenges accessing her own femininity.  A man who rejects his father, or rebels against him, may struggle to find expression and success in the material world.  

 The connection to our lineage:

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What happened in prior generations has an impact on your family system now. We are figuratively standing on the shoulders of our ancestors and the wounds and pains of these ancestors are often taken on by following generations. We are all part of a lineage.

The relationship to one’s sibling/s: 

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Our relationship to our siblings in our family of origin impacts often our relationship with colleagues at work, and with friends and often shows up in tense and struggling relationships between the grown up adult siblings.

What are the benefits of participating in The Family Constellation Journey?


  • Improve relationships with your family of origin and your current family.
  • Grow in your career and enhance your creativity.
  • Feel connected and supported.
  • Experience relationships that bring satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Experience more physical vitality and energy.
  • Reconnect with deeper aspects of yourself.
  • Positively effect individuals, communities, and organizations.

Anyone can benefit: couples, families and individuals that are interested in solving serious issues and developing a new, expanded life perspective.

The Family Constellation Journey is based on the principles of Family Constellation Work developed by the German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in combination with the methodology of the Inner Journey Work developed by Michael Schiesser.

Upcoming Event: 

DateNov. 19-20, 2022

Fort Lauderdale, FL                                                                                                                                                (This course is non-residential and participants bring their own lunch).
$ 350 for participants (max. 10) and $ 125 for observers


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Michael Schiesser, Inner Journey Creator and IJI Founder assisted by Michael Gough


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The Family Constellation course allowed me to deeply connect with my family members, providing me with a greater understanding of the dynamics within my relationships.  The opening of the Heart allowed me to heal past wounds, forgive them & myself, accept and shift my perspectives on some of the past events that happened.  I received greater awareness of my heritage, and the roles we have played for each other.  I was filled with a profound peace as I was able to let go of my own judgements & expectations towards members of my family.  What a wonderful way to get in touch with a deeper part of yourself and have the opportunity to heal any hurts and resentment that show up in your current life!  The most valuable part of the Family Constellations course is what happens after it is over… as the shifts that happened during the course showed up as tangible improvements in my day to day life.
Violetta Borowski, B.Ed, C.H.t, 
“Michael and Neelama are wise, loving and compassionate coaches. In working with them, I have connected more deeply with my true nature, and in the process, my heart has opened more widely and I am more embodied and present to what is. I can see more clearly now, and I am very grateful.”
Vicki D. - Lawyer - Alexandria, VA