Journey into the Heart of God

A 9 day Mystic Monastery: October 12-20, 2019




Do you desire a more tangible connection to your higher power?

Have you ever wondered what the deeper meaning of your life is?

Is your soul longing for a spiritual experience of something greater?

Are you carrying baggage from past experiences or wounds with Religion?

Enter a modern day mystic monastery

This one of a kind 9-day program was designed to address the need for the sacred in our 21st century.   In our modern day world, we are constantly barraged by stimulus and chronic busyness.  In the fast-paced lives we lead, it is almost impossible to connect to the stillness and inner peace at the center of our being.




A Sacred Pause

Nepaly BellsJIHOG-prayer-candles

Drawing from many different traditions, this ashram is one of a kind!

In most monastic settings, you follow one particular lineage and practice. In our monastery, we have distilled the mystical gems and contemplative practices from many different traditions to allow you a variety of unique pathways to access, widen, and deepen your connection with the Great Mystery.

God/Spirit/Divinity/The Mystery are all words that point towards something that is ultimately beyond words. Yet, in our work with people we have seen a 30a6a3ab-01bf-4a6b-9e73-afc6e83dc2d0recurrent theme: 

Consciously, people long to experience a connection to a greater force or a higher power; yet– at the same time, something blocks them from this connection.

These blockages are deep and subconscious – shaped ultimately by our past conditioning, our upbringing and our prior experiences–or lack thereof– with Spirituality and/or Religion. 

When these subconscious beliefs go unexamined, we are not truly free to enter into a mature relationship with Source. This retreat is a unique opportunity to examine and release the negative conditioning that we carry towards God , leaving us freer and more empowered to move forward and create this relationship in a conscious way.

This monastery is a sacred refuge – where you are free from the stress and struggles of your daily life.  In the profound rest and quiet that this retreat offers, you can immerse yourself in the journey of your soul’s longing to develop a tangible connection with the Source at the center of your being: God.




“This mystic monastery removes all that stands 

in the way of a direct experience with your Spiritual Source.”






What people are saying:


“This experience changed me to my core and gave me gifts I hadn’t even known I needed! Bringing me into a face-to-face relationship with that unknown place inside me. I am humbly and eternally grateful.”  Scott Sobol, Musician and Writer
Los Angeles, California





“God’s work is in this program. It transformed my personal relationship to the Divine. Thank you for your guidance, fellowship, and love.”  Kimberly Salameh, Fairfax, Virginia





“I cannot imagine my spiritual journey without this experience.  It has offered me connection with and insights into myself, my fellow travelers, all the great traditions, this beautiful planet and with that great infinite Divine heart that unifies us all. It helped me to break open so that I am eager and better prepared to immerse myself into life and all that it offers.”  Gerry Giuliani, Coach, Ottawa, Canada





“An appointment with the depth and breadth of my Soul, and it’s connection to the love and grace of the Great Spirit….God…The ONE.” PB, Sausalito, California





“This is the Crown Jewel of the Inner Journey courses. From a practical perspective, it’s a wonderfully healthy way to enrich your body, mind and spirit. For me, growing up Gay in a Christian home, left me wounded and skeptical of all organized religions. But, this experience gave me a deeper understanding of the true essence of all religions and helped heal my heart and lighten my spirit more than I ever imagined. I am deeply grateful I dared to dive into this experience.” Jan Canterbury, Environmental Scientist, Washington DC


Workshop Logistics:

Location:   The Journey into the Heart of God is a residential retreat that is currently offered every two years at The Land Celebration: — a beautiful retreat center on 40 acres in the beautiful hills of Virginia.  Our next scheduled JIHOG will take place in October 12-20, 2019.

Facilitators:  Michael Schiesser, Neelama Eyres and Howard Ross, facilitate this retreat.

Cost:  $1945  US. For Canadian participants the fee is $ 2250 CDN.                                                                         

This includes your workshop fee, food and accommodations for your entire stay with us. Please note that there will be a 3% fee added to all debit and credit card transactions.

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“Michael and Neelama gave my former partner and I the perspective we needed to approach the end of a major relationship in a constructive way. By understanding ourselves and the dynamics between us, we were able to deconstruct blame and be grateful to have met each other. Rather than gaining an enemy, I retained a life-long friend.”
Stephen P - Computer Programmer - Bethesda, MD