Curriculum For Conscious Living

An ongoing group dedicated to bridge the gap between our material and spiritual life!

In this program a group of like-minded souls will journey together into some of the most profound themes of human life. As the name indicates, the vision for this experiential and transformational group is to consciously learn essential life lessons that we were never taught in Kindergarden, school or university.

Why participate?

– Life is so busy –

…..and will pull you in so many ways-mostly in the material world with its ever demanding needs. Yet, life is Yang (the outer) and Yin (the inner) and without a structure it is difficult to live a life balanced between the two.

The most important things in life are not taught in any school:

  • how to love and be loved,
  • to be grateful,
  • to prepare for a conscious death,
  • to manifest your vision
  • to celebrate and live life fully,
  • to make money and live your purpose,
  • to use the mind as a tool and not let mind use me,
  • to be connected to the inner voice within, your innermost self…..
  • to stop and smell the roses

All these life ‘lessons’ and more will be themes of this upcoming and ongoing group. This new program is called ‘Curriculum for Conscious Living’ because its main vision is to support the participants in living consciously in their DAILY lives.

Upcoming Programs:

We All Need to Belong
Date: June 9-10, 2018
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Fee: $ 275

Being Truly Seen
Date: Sept. 15-16, 2018
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Fee: $ 275

Journey through the Layers of the Ego
Date: Nov. 24-25, 2018
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Fee: $ 275



“I am enormously grateful to both Neelama & Michael for the relief they helped me find as I recovered from divorce. They guided me to forgive myself and to let my husband and son carry their own burdens. With their support, I was able to reach a much clearer perspective. My work with them has lead to a respectful and vastly healthier relationship with my ex-husband.”
Callie Kindrish - Petaluma, CA