TAO Consulting

ScreenHunter_151 Apr. 30 09.31Transformation and Awareness in Organizations — Programs in leadership and management.

TAO Consulting offers a set of  unique programs for businesses, goverment and academic environments:

  1. Programs that blend the philosophy of the 5 Elements with modern communication techniques:

Five Element Communication:

This program is unique in its holistic depth, profound insights and in its elegant, intuitive and easy application  in any environment. The benefits extend far beyond the working field for which the course is designed.


  1. Our next set of programs deals with managing the voices that dominate our inner ‘climate’, and as a result affecting our interactions with the outside world.

Managing the Voices Within:

As we all know people bring the content of their mind to their work. A major component are these inner voices – sub personalities – which have a huge impact in our work environment. We refer to these voices as our inner ‘Supreme Court’ , because they are like an assembly of judges, critics, pusher residing in our heads.

We are run by these voices unconsciously. This impacts the individual and teams from achieving their best. Being aware of these voices and learning to manage them is one of the benefits of this programs.

  1. Organizational Constellation Work is the application of therapeutic and system theory based principles into the work environment. This body of work is based on the German pioneer of family constellation Bert Hellinger and his uncoveries have been translated into organizations.

Organizational Constellation Work:

In this program the dynamics of a team, a department, a small company itself  and their interactions with their clients are each other are made visible thru this work. Imbalances will be exposed in a safe and protective and mediated environment and solutions created.

“I’ve worked with Michaal and Neelama over the last 5 years, and working with them is like a psychological and spiritual tune up! I always come away with practical steps to address issues in my life, which has helped me achieve my goals and feel happier and healthier in the process. Their work has had a cumulative effect that has greatly enhanced my life skills and capabilities.”
Kevin F. - Management Consultant - Washington, DC